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Leslene della-Madre, Author
Leslene della-Madre Biography

Leslene was born and raised in the Bay Area of northern California. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 1969 and embarked on a deeply spiritual path during the historic "flower child" era. During that time, she began her shamanic initiation into the realms of mind, body and spirit and received many teachings and medicines from people, plants and encounters with the spiritworld. After traveling she returned to California where she made the decision to move to The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee, which became the largest intentional spiritual community in the United States in the 1970's. She lived on The Farm for nearly eleven years during which time she married and gave birth, naturally, to two daughters, who are now grown and carrying on the transmission they received from their mother in their own form. (See their website

The Farm became a pioneer in spiritual midwifery, encouraging women to have home births and to take back the birthing process. We published a book titled Spiritual Midwifery. Leslene trained on the Farm as a labor coach and assistant midwife, which served her in writing her book about midwifing death.

After leaving The Farm, Leslene returned to northern California to care for her parents and settled in Sebastopol, California. She divorced after twenty-six years of marriage (about which she has much to say... look for her CD's on the subjects of marriage and divorce in patriarchy, available soon.) She began her work in shamanic counseling and teaching women's spirituality while raising her children and incorporated the values of mothering not only in her personal life, but in her work with others. She is also the mother to a step-son and a foster son, who are also now grown. (See her CD's on parenting in patriarchy, available soon.)

She has touched many people throughout the years and continues to be a beacon for the Mother energy, holding sacred space for counsel, ritual, teaching, speaking and writing. She has called herself a "shemama"ľa midwife of the spirit, life and death, and has served as spiritual adjunct to the medical community of doctors and psychiatrists in the capacities of both colleague and healer and to the psychological community of therapists in the same manner. She is dedicated to helping others in awakening to their true nature and to hearing the heartsong of the Mother, the Divine Feminine, in all her forms.
Leslene della-Madre
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Leslene della-Madre, Midwifing Death

Leslene della-Madre

Leslene della-Madre is a mother, midwife of the spirit, writer, ritualist, and "shemama", a practitioner and teacher of the feminist shamanic healing arts.

She is founder of Winged Women Return in Sebastopol, California, a center for healing of body, mind and spirit.

Leslene della-Madre

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