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Leslene della-Madre, Author
Articles by Leslene della-Madre

Below is a collection of articles by Leslene della-Madre. Please check back often for additions.

Goddess The Surviving and Thriving in Patriarchy

Goddess The Luminous Dark Mother

Goddess Aspects of Women's Spirituality in Tending to the Dying

Goddess Societies In Balance
Gender Equality in Matrilineal, Matrifocal and Matriarchal Societies

Goddess Soul Retrieval of the Sacred Feminine

Goddess Tend and Befriend

Goddess What Was the Sexual Revolution for Women?

Goddess Hotflash

Goddess Everyday Cultural Battlezone

Goddess Narcissism and PMS

Goddess Patriarchy in Our Contemporary World Situation

Goddess Midwifing Death and the Gift-Giving Paradigm

Goddess Women and Water

Goddess Birthing as Shamanic Experience

Goddess Sardinia: Land of Dea Madre

Goddess Monica Sjoo Passes Into the Arms of Goddess
This is the story of the passing of Monica Sjoo, pioneer feminist artist, author and one of the founding mothers of the awakening of Goddess spirituality. Monica's last project before her passing was the contribution of her artwork to Leslene's book.

Goddess She/Volution

Goddess Queen Boa

Goddess Fatuma

Goddess Endarkenment

Goddess SheBear Mothers and Daughters

Leslene della-Madre
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Leslene della-Madre, Midwifing Death

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SIBELLA: Poetry Created to Set the Soul Aflame. SIBELLA is an internationally pubished bimonthly e-zine.

Leslene will be a featured poet and inspriational writer for SIBELLA for 2012.
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