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Leslene della-Madre, Author
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Within the rich ancestral heritage of all peoples are healing teachings and practices that call to us in many ways. As beings who are much more than bodies, healing can and must occur on levels beyond the physical. For instance, there are practices that lead to self-empowerment working with the imagination as a tool for transformation.

This culture tends to deny the importance of the imagination as a source of inspiration, creativity and healing. Yet, a basic key to a doorway into the world of magic is contained in the very root of imagination.

Western culture conditions us away from our connection with nature and the harmony and ecstasy that awaits us. We spend a great deal of time with our awareness focused in our heads – the intellect – at the expense of the spiritual.

The Earth is crying out. She is waiting for us to find within our connection to the Sacred Female.

Leslene works in various ways with women, men, couples and children and is available for:

Private Sessions ~
Goddess ExtractionGoddess Shamanic Counseling
Goddess DepossessionGoddess Power Animal Retrieval
Goddess Soul-RetrievalGoddess Nurturing Bodywork
Goddess Oracle Consultation

Trainings ~
Goddess 4 Shields Empowerment
Goddess 9 Month Training in Feminist Shamanism – an apprenticeship program to empower your everyday life.
Goddess Triple Goddess Empowerment

Classes ~
Goddess Death & Dying – a circle exploring death & dying from a spiritual feminist perspective.
Goddess Goddess Within – a circle for women focusing and discovering who we are in current patriarchal society through ritual, recreating myth, movement, shamanic journeying and sharing.

Priestess Services ~
Goddess Blessing WaysGoddess Personal Ritual
Goddess Coming of Age CirclesGoddess Sweat Lodge for Women
Goddess Midwifing of Death & Dying

Leslene is available as a speaker, lecturer, consultant and group ritual facilitator and is available to travel to work with your group. She speaks on Goddess herstory and facilitates workshops on Goddess empowerment. Contact Leslene.
Leslene della-Madre
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"Leslene is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in both the traditions of women’s spirituality (Goddess traditions) and shamanic healing. The opportunities I’ve had to learn from her and partner in working with her have greatly enhanced my own journey of unfoldment, my appreciation of the earth and my understanding of the mysteries of women."

~ Mary Murray Shelton,
Author of Guidance From the Darkness: The Transforming Power of the Divine Feminine in Difficult Times.
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